Wosk Centre for Dialogue

Creative Together is a cultural consultancy.  It collaborates with organizations to accelerate their community’s capacity and confidence in making positive change from the inside out.

Using an arts-based facilitation process, Creative Together guides your team toward an enlivened way to better understand and respond to opportunities and the possibilities of creating a world that works better.

The strategy is song and group singing, with an approach more campfire than cantata. An emphasis on collective singing literally un-silences the voice of reason, transformation and justice.

The experience touches, unlocks and releases our shared humanity in an extremely efficient and beautiful way. It creates a foundation from which to build a receptive and generative cycle of positive impact. Other art forms are woven in when it supports the process.

The founder and director of Creative Together is musician and interdisciplinary artist, Vanessa Richards.

Vanessa’s skills bring heart and soul to any gathering. Her thoughtful, considered approach to how voice and song can play a role in supporting bigger picture learning, while providing a rich engagement opportunity for attendees, make her contribution a highlight of any conference agenda. 

Emira Mears

Vancouver Producer, Social Venture Institute (SVI)

Vanessa Richards’ keynote presentation exceeded our wildest expectations! She worked with the themes of our colloquium to lead us in song and reflection and helped create the most welcoming and inclusive environment I have ever experienced in an academic conference. We were all in awe of the transformation that took place in the room and carried us forward for the rest of the day. Her openness and generosity is truly contagious!

Baharak Yousefi, MLIS, MA

Head Library Communications Simon Fraser University Co-organizer , 2016 Gender and Sexuality in Information Studies Colloquium, Simon Fraser University