Vancouver City Hall, Official Launch of Black History Month

Often it’s said we need creative solutions for the challenges of our time. So, it makes sense to hone our primary tool, creativity. It’s a muscle, we use it or lose it.

Creative Together can work with you in a number of ways:

1) Singular Process – Workshops co-designed with you and Creative Together. Once we determine the themes or issues to be addressed, a creative roadmap is created to bring the themes/issues to life. The sessions lend a focus and depth that nourishes dialogue, innovation and social sustainability

2) Integrated Collaborations – Creative Together can work as a co-facilitator within a larger project delivered by another service provider.

3) A Dialogue with Song – Keynotes, Public Lectures, Talking Circles are emboldened with song. Key subject areas: diversity, inclusion, participatory culture, current affairs, relationships to earth and each other

4) Participation Party – Team building through creative play. Think kitchen party on a bigger scale. Additional musicians can be brought in for this event.

5) Let’s dream up something new we can create together!

Just wanted to say that your talk was rad, and that all of my students were blown away.  I honestly haven’t seen them that inspired by a speaker.  You rocked ’em! 

Josh Hite

Instructor, Continuing Studies, Emily Carr University of Art + Design